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HistoryMaker VR is a robust tool that educators can integrate easily into their classrooms. Here are some of the features that make its use accessible and adaptable.

Historical Figure Selection

Learners can become one of eight historical figures in VR. As the learner moves their body, the historical figure moves within the VR environment, too.

Script Upload

Sample scripts and quotes in the tool get the learner started, but HistoryMaker VR is designed for learners to say, write, or use whatever script they want, providing complete flexibility for your curriculum.


Learners have access to an in-headset teleprompter only visible to them that shows their uploaded script so they don't have to memorize text.

Customizable Stage

Learners can customize the stage using various set pieces and props, or they can easily choose from five pre-made sets. A green screen option allows learners to transform the background into whatever they choose, using their favorite video editing software.

Performance Recording

All recordings made with HistoryMaker VR include visual and audio playback. Learners have the ability to change the camera angle views of their performance.

Performance Viewing and Sharing

Recorded files can be viewed in the VR headset, or on a desktop computer or other non-VR device, providing an easy way for learners to share their creations with others.

User Experience

Tutorial pop-ups inside the VR headset guide learners through their first playthrough. The interface is simple and easy to use and was designed with accessibility in mind.

Desktop Integration

Desktop integration enables teachers to watch on a computer what students are doing in the VR headset and indicates when students ask for help while in VR. Educators can organize performance files by class in a simple desktop folder structure.

Virtual Reality and Education: Turning the Light Bulb On

Hear historian and teacher Dr. Daniel Holland discuss how using VR in the classroom can change education in a meaningful way.

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HistoryMaker VR is the virtual reality content creation tool that is ideal for educators looking to improve student engagement, increase lesson retention, and add 21st-century tech tools to their classroom. And it's free for those involved in all types of education, including parents and homeschoolers.

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Classroom Resources

Use these resources to integrate HistoryMaker VR into your lesson planning. From sample activities to a walkthrough of the VR experience, these guides will help you use HistoryMaker VR in your classroom and delight your learners. These materials are intended to provide a starting point, troubleshooting information, and ideas for using HistoryMaker VR. You do not need to read every document to use the tool. Feel free to pick and choose what works for you! Check out our available guides below.

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